Frequently asked questions

Why should I use a face mask?

Any face mask will be able to block out many airborne particles. This will diminish the amount of particles your immune system has to process. It will not block the coronavirus but will limit the infection of you passing it to someone else.

Face mask's are now asked to be used in some public facilities.  Where do I use them.

Different regions has different requirements for when you need to use a mask. A mask is often required when social distancing is not possible ie. in grocery stores. public transportation, enclosed areas. It is to protect the people around you since we don't know who might be asympotmatic with the co-vid 19 virus. We don't recommend using the face mask in the privacy of your home or in vehicle. If you feel tired or have trouble breathing, take the mask off.

Is wearing a face mask enough?

No, just wearing a face mask is not enough to protect you from the current Co-vid 19 pandemic. It does however prevent you from actually touching your face where your mucousal membranes lie (the wet parts of your face - nose and mouth). You are more aware of the mask and it creates a barrier between your hands and face. However this is not enough. So please social distance and wash your hands frequently. There is no guarantee you will not get the coronavirus but this will help minimize the threat of getting sick from it.

What are the best face masks?

The best face masks are gas masks or P100 which blocks 100% of all airborne particles. Surgical masks will provide some protection, N95 are the most recommended. We at ju-Ly face masks have created an option that will help you protect against many airborne particles but not all. It's a response to the call of not having any masks in the current market. To increase the effectiveness of the ju-Ly face masks, please add your own filter. Our template will show you which ones work best. We do not supply the filters. They can be created from household supplies. Please see enclosed template with your order.

Is there a one size fits all?

ju-Ly face masks are generally sized for Men's, Women's, Young Kid's 7-12 years and Small Kid's 3-6 years. They have adjustable ear looped straps and a metal nose piece that will offer a personal fit.

Are ju-Ly face masks washable? Reusable?

All of our face masks have been prewashed and made to be washable and reusable. Please remove the filter that you inserted and wash after each use. They can be washed in the sink with detergent (soap) and water. Please do not bend the nose wire as this will cause it to break. Can be air dried (hang on a doorknob) or tumble in the dryer. Please DO NOT sterilize in the microwave. There is a metal in the mask.

How are you shipping?

Within Canada we will be Canada Post as the postal system is still working. It might take a bit longer but it's the least expensive way of getting your order to you. We are shipping to the US via USPS and will arrive in 4 business days. We are not currently offering sales for international order requests.

What else can I do to protect myself?

Boost your immune system. You can boost your immune system with supplementing Vitamin D3, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Zinc. Natural sources are daily sunlight (no sunburns), lots of green vegetables and beta carotene. Eating healthy, abstaining from sugars, alcohol and gluten containing foods will assist your immune system to strengthen. Exercise. 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins/day. Any amount of exercise will help your body to strengthen.

Can I return or make an exchange/refund?

Due to the hygenic nature of this product ju-Ly accepts no responsibility once you have received your product. NO returns, exchanges, replacements or refunds. We cannot accept a product once it has been handled. All face masks has been inspected before sent out. We are not liable for any damages caused by mishandling due to washing or handling methods. All of our fabrics has been prewashed and has only been handled with care by one person throughout the entire construction process of the mask. These are not mass produced. If you have any questions with fit please send us a message on chat or an email and we will get back to you promptly.

How do your face mask sizing work?

Our Men's is considered a Large and suitable for most men's faces including a beard in many cases. Please note that a full beard will not allow for a snug fit around the face. Our Women's is suitable a Medium and fits women and teenagers (young men and women) Young Kids is from ages 7-12 Small Kids is from ages 3-6 We do not make or recommend children under the age of 2 to wear face masks.

Deliveries within Oakville, ON Canada?

We have been personally delivering within Oakville as we are located in Oakville. We will deliver within 1 day and the shipping fee when you check out is our delivery fee of $2-4. Anything more than this will be reimbursed. We understand that getting the masks into your hands as quickly as possible is our highest priority.

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